Winter Prep Checklist

by Brenna Timm


Winter is Coming

The leaves are changing from green to yellow and winds have grown cold. All this comes down to one fact: Winter is coming. The season of snow and ice is approaching and whether you love or hate this time of year, you need to be prepared. Here are some things that should get on your check list for your house, yard, and car.

Winter Preparation

Home Prep

The negative degree weather coming. Making sure your house is ready will determine whether you are warm and cozy or fighting for the last blanket.

  • Furnace and Filter– Go and check your furnace to make sure everything is functioning properly. This is the time to change the filter before heating is in constant use.
  • Humidifier– If you use a humidifier, now is the time for a good cleaning before turning it on for the next 3-4 moths. The winter air is cold and dry, and turning on your heater only warms you up. Humidifiers will out the lost moisture back into the home.

Yard Work

The yard has a few more steps to take before its winter-ready. If possible, do these before the weather gets too cold. Who knows when the next nice day will come?

  • Sprinklers– Avoid burst pipes and freezing by blowing out your sprinkler systems. This is something you will need to contact your local professionals for.
  • Hoses– garden hoses may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it is important. Now that the cold weather is hear, remove hoses from the hose bibs. The hose can stay outside or in your storage area.
  • Gutters– Cleaning gutters are never fun, but it needs to be done. Gutters filled with debris will thwart any sunny day with melting snow. It is also a good time to check on maintenance, and see if you need new ones for the spring.
  • Lawn mowers– There sill be no need to cut grass for a while. Winterize your lawn mower by draining out the gas. This ensures it doesn’t freeze and won’t get contaminated.
  • Snow Blowers– With the lawn mower out of the way, it is time for the snow blower. You never know when the first big storm will be, so be prepared.

Car Check

If you want to get around in harsh whether conditions, take a look at your car to make sure you are ready for anything.

  • Ice scrapper- Check if your car has one and its condition. No need to be late for work if you own the proper tools.
  • Emergency Supplies– Try to have a flashlight, blanket, some snacks, and other basics that could come in handy.
  • Check-up– Give the car a pre-winter check up so that there are no fixable surprises. Also check the antifreeze levels.
  • Tires– Before we get icy, check the tires, specifically the pressure and the tread. Bare tires work alright in the summer, but are terrible for the winter. Pressure lowers with the temperature, so make sure the tires are full.


Dumpster Rental does operate during the winter. However, consider whether you need to get the yard clean-up done or empty the garage before trying to fit another car in.