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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Dumpster?

by Brenna Timm Generally, the overall roll-off dumpster rental prices are pretty straightforward and may be more affordable than you think. The factors determining the average cost from a dumpster rental company are similar, though final costs may vary depending on...

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Timberline Recycling Center

by Brenna Timm Recycling is an important part of keeping our homes clean and our cities functioning. But where do you go? The Timberline Recycling Center is one option that has a lot of different services to fit your recycling needs. Timberline Recycling Center The...

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Going Green: Tips and Tricks

by Brenna Timm Recycling is a simple lifestyle change that can have great impact on everyone. It may seem tedious to separate plastic and glass from normal trash. Going Green is great, but it just seems hard. However, there are easy things that can be done that will...

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Working Green

by Brenna Timm Going Green, reducing waste, and finding eco-friendly solutions is influencing businesses everywhere. However, it can be very hard to find the best solutions that don’t detract from your productivity or make a dent in the budget. There are simple...

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Green Cleaning: Home and Out

by Brenna Timm Over the years, we have become increasingly concerned with reducing our waste. However, sometimes we find is easier to just buy plastic bottle of general cleaner from the store or use as many paper towels as we need. But what if there were some tips and...

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Donate: Your Trash can be Treasure

  by Brenna Timm What to Donate? Even the most organized people find themselves hoarding old relics. We no longer need our children’s baby clothes. We no longer need the DVD player since now there is Blu-ray. None the less, we keep them. We don’t need them or use...

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