by Brenna Timm



Cleaning and organizing go hand in hand. They are disliked equally. But cleaning’s reputation is much worse. Doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the living room, all of these things are dreaded. Most people don’t enjoy cleaning. And that is okay. In the end though, we still need to clean. Organization is an important part of cleaning, and if you’re interested in some tips and tricks, check out our blog. Let’s explore some ideas that will help encourage you with cleaning and keep your house in good shape.

Regular Cleaning

One of the first things to help your home stay clean is to do it regularly. Cleaning is hardly fun, but it’s much worse when the work load piles up. If you wait to do your dishes for two weeks, it takes a few days before you can catch up and see your counters again. You may not notice if your carpets are looking dusty and dirty, but that doesn’t mean the grime isn’t there. Laundry is another thing that can be done on a schedule. Especially if you start to run out of socks and underwear, it might be time to set aside one day of the week where you always do your laundry. If there is too much to handle by yourself, call upon your spouse, housemates, or children to help. As long as cleaning is done in smaller chunks consistently, it will be easier to do.

Turn up the Tunes

Cleaning is monotonous and a bit mindless. We can get bored and distracted easily. In order to help maintain your focus, turn on some music or a TV show. Don’t pick something like a new album you’ve been dying to listen to or a show you are very attached to. This will just further your distraction and keep you longer. Instead, pick something you like and are interested in but aren’t too invested in. Having some sound in the background that you could mindlessly sing along with can help your cleaning go much quicker.

Set a Date

Sometimes, we need to be strict with ourselves. With cleaning, now might be the time. Without a set, specific goal in mind, that spare bedroom-turned-storage-closet will never get cleaned. Accountability and rewards could be your best option. Maybe if you desperately need to clean your house and kitchen, offer to host a dinner party. Having people coming to visit is a sure-fire way to get moving and cleaning. Also, if you have an extra room that is just used for storage, this could be an opportunity. Maybe you have always wanted a man cave, an office, a craft room, or a movie and game room. Make this your goal. Cleaning the extra space will open up the opportunity for a new usable space. Now your hard work can be rewarded with your personalized space.

Regular Cleaning

Throw it Out

We own too much stuff. This is true for most people. But how much of this stuff do we actually use? Do you use it daily, or was the last time you used your kitchen mandoline two years ago? Are there clothes and jewelry that you haven’t looked at for a few years’ worth the space they are taking? Is your fridge and cupboards full of nearly empty supplies? It is time to just get rid it. These things are just taking up valuable space and perpetuating the clutter. It is easier to clean if you just start throwing out the things that have no use anymore. If you think that a massive cleaning includes disposing of your stuff, check out Dumpster Rental’s information and the blogs on donation centers. This can help you clean out your house efficiently.