by Brenna Timm

Over the years, we have become increasingly concerned with reducing our waste. However, sometimes we find is easier to just buy plastic bottle of general cleaner from the store or use as many paper towels as we need. But what if there were some tips and tricks to Green Cleaning? There are actually many simple solutions to going a little bit greener with your cleaning both at home or in the office.

Reusable materials

One of the most common products and hacks found for eco-friendly cleaning is finding resuable solutions. There is so much waste that generates from plastic spray bottles, individual soap dispensers, and paper towels. There are a few alternatives that can make it easier for you and the environment.

  • Trade in for Glass – Instead of a plastic spray bottle, purchasing a glass spray bottle can save both money and the Earth. By using a plastic spray bottle, you can buy your cleaner in bulk and refill as necessary. Buying in bulk is not only cheaper but also means less plastic.
  • Reuse the Container – individual soap dispensers are nice and can get changed out with the season. Whether you use the original plastic container or a nicer style, refilling the same soap container once it is empty creates savings. Once again, you are buying in bulk and reducing your waste.
  • Rags to Riches – Paper towels can be so convenient. However, we all know that a serious cleaning can quickly shrink your roll. Instead of paper towels, consider using rags. You can either purchase a set of clothes used for cleaning or find old clothes and cut them up to size. This allows you to recycle items that you no longer use while lowering your paper towel consumption.
Green Cleaning- Reuse

Out & About

When you are out shopping or at the office, most kitchens and bathrooms provide either paper towels or electric dryers. Even with the no-waste option of air power, there are still many people who prefer the paper option. There is still a way to reduce the amount of paper towels you use to dry your hands. Once you are finished washing, take a moment to shake of your hands. This gets a lot of water off, meaning you can use less paper. Ultimately, the goal should be to use only one sheet of paper towel after washing our hands. Are you shaking long enough?

Non-Chemical Cleaners

There are many different varieties of non-chemical cleaners, but the ones you find at the store. If you want to go easier on your wallet, consider concocting your own general cleaners. There are various different recipes for general cleaners, hard-water solutions, air fresheners, and stain removers. A quick search in Google can pull up hundreds of different peoples takes on the perfect recipe for Green Cleaning. If your interested in making your own cleaners, Google “Green Cleaning” or check here.