by Brenna Timm



introducing windsor

In 1873, a farmer decided to build their house halfway between Fort Collins and Greeley. In the next few decades, people and families began to settle there for the agriculture wealth of the area. This was the quiet little town of Windsor. Various industries began to call the town home. But it wasn’t until Kodak, the technology and camera company, moved in the town truly began to blossom. This was around fifty years ago. Everything has changed since then. In 2015, the town celebrated it’s 125th anniversary. The population of the town is nearly 25,000 and that number is expected to continue growing.

getting bigger

The town is growing. Planning has been made to make this as easy as possible. It is placed in an inviting area that calls for new families and business. The schools in the area are considered some of the best. New things are constantly being added to the Old Town area and new residencies are being added. Windsor is spreading out in all directions. In time, more and more families, business, and people looking for a new life will join the community. There are plans for various new improvements and additions to the town, such as the Community Recreation Center. Could Windsor be your next stop?

renovation readiness

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