by Brenna Timm

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Dumpster Rental Wellington

New Growth

Fifteen years ago, Wellington was a sleepy little town just north of Fort Collins. Now to match the pace of its neighbors, the town is a fast-growing community. The Front Range is a popular place that families and investors are moving into, and Wellington is no exception. With the growth of the community comes more services. Stores and services continue to pop up across the landscape, adding new life to the area. New subdivisions and construction are constantly being planned in order to keep up with demand. Many different people come to live in Wellington. Part of the population is people who work in Fort Collins or Cheyenne, but want to experience a quieter home town.

Poudre School District

As part of the development and future prospects, Poudre School District of Northern Colorado has plans to build a new middle and high school for the town of Wellington. No longer will students have a lengthy commute to get to a Fort Collins school. The new school will host grades 6-12, and is estimated to open in August of 2022. Nearly 1200 students will be able to enroll. One of Fort Collins’ main attractions for families is the school system, and now Wellington will be able to fully enjoy the same.

Serving in Wellington

While Wellington is a young town, there are many changes in the works. New businesses and subdivisions are forming, and there is plenty of room for growth. Renovation and revitalization are something that Dumpster Rental can assist with. Dumpster Rental works in the Front Range area, based out of Fort Collins, and is eager to help you with your needs. Whether your house needs a facelift, your yard needs a makeover, or your new business is under construction, Dumpster Rental can provide their services. Various dumpster sizes are available based on your needs. If your project calls for more than you can handle, consider Dumpster Rental, your local, family-owned business.