by Brenna Timm


Twenty years ago, you may not have known about the existence of this sleepy little town. If you drive across I-25 you can find this budding community just east of Fort Collins. Timnath could barely be called a town when it was founded in 1882 as a small farming community. In the 2010 Census, only 625 residents were counted. However, the recent boom in the Front Range has encouraged the city to grow. And grow it did, exploding to over 3000 residents in 2017. Plans are to continue growing to 20,000 residents over 27 square miles the next 20 years. The town is making progress because it is already one of our state’s fastest growing communities.

Growth and Community

Timnath has made many changes to accommodate their growth and help inspire it. Large stores like Walmart and Costco found a home in the town. Small businesses help balance out the community and line the streets. Two new small businesses were recently celebrated for opening, Springhaus Designs and Timnath Feed & Grain. Even more plans and ground breaking continue to encourage prosperity. Housing flourishes because of the expanding community however it still has a very spacious and beautiful country feel. Another feature is the golf course and club in the developing Harmony Community.

Dumpster Rental Services: Timnath

Timnath Reservoir

A hidden secret of Timnath would be Timnath Reservoir. Town residents and their guests exclusively enjoy the Reservoir. Who wouldn’t like having free water access? This small town’s community has special access to the waterfront to play as they choose. If you want to take your boat out onto the water an additional permit is required. Considering the exclusive access, Timnath Reservoir may be nicer than the crowds at Horsetooth.

Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Rental serves Timnath as part of the Front Range Community. With the rapid change that is happening, construction is a constant. There are many reasons you may need a dumpster. You could be building your new business, landscaping, or making your house perfect. If so, think about contacting Dumpster Rental. We are a local small business dedicated to serving the community and making lasting connections.