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At 5,003 feet above sea level, Fort Collins is a city hugging the foothills and growing east towards the plains. Populated with over 150,000 people, Fort Collins is constantly growing. Known for its craft beer, Colorado State University, and unique lifestyle, this city thrives on the new and old coming together. Old Town is one of the epicenters of the city’s culture, due to the multitude of specialty shops, artisan galleries, and restaurants catering to the diverse population.

Another attractive feature of the city is the close proximity to the mountains. A short drive can get you to Horsetooth Rock or the reservoir below sharing its name. From the mountains, the Cache la Poudre River flows through the city with the spring runoff. Further, into the mountains, the Rocky Mountain National Park is an hour’s drive away. Many famous ski resorts nestled high on the snowy caps are a few hours drive from the city, which encourages outdoor sports. The dynamic economy matches the significant presence of international technology companies like HP, the growth of micro and macro breweries, and regional-serving medical facilities. Fort Collins is a city mixed with the new and the old, nature and technology.

The city itself has received nation-wide recognition for various achievements, such as being in the top 20 of the 100 Best Places to Live in 2017 and 2018. Other awards include Best Places to Raise a Family, Best Performing Cities, and #1 City in America for Cycling.

Dumpster Rental Services: Fort Collins

Fort Collins seen from Horsetooth Rock

Serving Fort Collins

Due to the geographic location, national fame, and constant change, Fort Collins is desirable for buyers and investors. Many people want to make a home stand out or create their dream home. Renovations are common choice because it can increase your home’s value or help find a new tenant. For such projects, easy and manageable waste removal is something Dumpster Rental can provide. Dumpster Rental can provide you with various dumpster sizes and deliver to your place. Whether your home or business is in an open lot or has a small alley, Dumpster Rental can maneuver the dumpster wherever you need.

Dumpster Rental is a local company ready to assist you in your renovation adventure. Originally a dumpster company of the 1990’s in Colorado Springs, Dumpster Rental moved their business to Fort Collins in 2012. Since then, they have been serving Fort Collins and the surrounding areas with a passion. Dumpster Rental has been assisting the community with renovations, remodels, landscaping, house cleanups, and so much more. If you see a project like these in your future, consider using the local service of Dumpster Rental to save you time and money.