by Brenna Timm

Recycling is a simple lifestyle change that can have great impact on everyone. It may seem tedious to separate plastic and glass from normal trash. Going Green is great, but it just seems hard. However, there are easy things that can be done that will start making a change. We’re going to explore some tips and tricks to reusing and recycling.


The first step to some easy Green tricks is to use items more than once. Some of these things you may already do without thinking, and others could be an easy change.

  • Reusable shopping bags: Whether you make them yourself or buy them from the store, these bags can make a big difference. There is no need to collect plastic bags full of bags full of bags. Reusable bags allow you to carry more things in fewer bags. Also, for some states and stores, using plastic bags incurs extra tax.
  • Tupperware: Instead of Ziploc bags or wrapping things in aluminum foil only to be thrown away, use your Tupperware. Tupperware comes in all sizes and shapes, allowing you to store whatever you want.
  • Water bottles: Reusable water bottles can be fun and useful. Disposable water bottles have their uses, but for work, school, or travel it can be easier and Greener to find a reusable water bottle. This isn’t limited to water bottles; thermoses and coffee cups can also be traded in for their reusable counterparts.
  • Compost: it may seem odd, but your food waste can be reused too. Setting up a compost pile or using a special composting bucket allows you to recycle and reuse your unwanted food.
Going Green

Know your Recycling

It is wonderful to recycle and separate your trash from the boxes, plastic, and glass. However, did you know that not all things like plastics can be recycled? For example, plastics with the numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5 can all be recycled, while numbers 3, 6, and 7 cannot. In order to make things easier for you and the recycling centers, know what can and cannot be recycled.

Construction and Renovation

When your house is under construction, the last thing you think about will be recycling. However, there are different opportunities to Go Green and recycle. Before you completely tear up a room or throw out parts and appliances, think of the other options. Recycling and donations centers will accept your unwanted parts and put them to use. Some centers will even accept things like doors, cabinets, sinks, tubs, the list goes on. Also, Dumpster Rental can offer special services for recycling. If you are interested, contact Dumpster Rental and detail your needs in the request.

by Brenna Timm

Duncan and Patty

At Dumpster Rental, you have more than just Laurel to help take care of your needs. Faithful companions Duncan and Patty can be found while out on errands or relaxing at home. So, let’s meet the canine employees of Dumpster Rental.

Darling Duncan

Duncan is an eight-year-old chocolate Labrador mix. Years ago, he was rescued from a shelter and brought to the prison in Canon City where he was added to the inmate dog training program. Initially he was in the service dog program. But as it turns out, Duncan likes to sleep a little too much. He was dropped from the program and he continues his days sleeping away.


Now Duncan is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet. He is incredibly friendly and calm. He also never barks, so if he does, we are all startled. Duncan enjoys his time lounging around, though he will pla with his little sister when he feels like it. He is the absolute best listener and will do whatever he is told to do. A very good boy indeed.

Playful Patty

Patty is Duncan’s little sister who will be three in June. She is a mini-Goldendoodle and just a ball of energy. She is the perfect fit to sit on your lap, though sometimes she’s much too excited to sit still. This curly girl’s favorite things to do are to play fetch and bother Duncan as he tries to sleep. She is quite the barker too, barking at every car, dog, or person that catches her eye.

Patty on the Job

Patty also can be found co-piloting with Laurel on her dumpster runs. She always loves the adventures and meeting many new people. She is very friendly and would love to make a new friend if you happen to see her.

Work Adventures

Duncan and Patty: Siblings and Friends

Duncan and Patty are like all siblings since they are so different. However, they love each other a lot. They enjoy their walks together and (when Duncan feels like it) playing and chasing a ball around. But the sweetest moments are when the two curl up together and sleep peacefully.

Duncan and Patty

February 15, 2019

Working Green

by Brenna Timm

Going Green, reducing waste, and finding eco-friendly solutions is influencing businesses everywhere. However, it can be very hard to find the best solutions that don’t detract from your productivity or make a dent in the budget. There are simple solutions that can help your business or workspace become a little friendlier to the environment. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Work-style Changes

There are many different ways to change a company’s carbon-foot print by adjusting the way things are run. Going paperless is commonly the most popular and simple to do. We are already in the digital age where most business is done on computers and online. Making the switch to go paperless in most or all aspects of your business can help. This will show customers that you not only care about the environment, but that you care about their organizational needs as well.

Another easy way to reduce is to use less heating. Having the thermostat run at 75 degrees at all times is taxing on your furnace as well as your pocketbook. Humans can stay relatively comfortable from 65 to 70 degrees. Even if you need to bring a light jacket, changing the thermostat can bring great savings in your budget and waste. There are also thermostats that can be set to a schedule, so if there is no one normally in the office overnight or on the weekends, the setting can be much lower than normal.

Consider encouraging your employees and co-workers to find new ways to get to work. Car-pooling, public transport, or cycling are all wonderful options that can provide opportunity. If it is within your power, you could make these things goals or events within the business to gain more interest.

For some more ideas, check this out.

Reuse and Re-purpose

If your company decides to reduce their paper use or go completely paperless, items like sign-in sheets or bulleting boards could become an issue. However, there are some good options. A laminated piece of paper or a small white board can be used for sign-in sheets and in-and-out calendars. For bulletin boards or meetings, large whiteboards or electronics can be an option. Records can still be kept of these things. Either have someone log the data into a computer at the end of the day, or take a picture and save it to a file.

In the breakroom, going through paper cups and coffee cups is easy, but these can leave a lot of waste behind. Instead, we can consider using ceramic, plastic, or glass mugs and cups. While it can be more expense at first, these items will reduce your waste production in the long run.

Green Office Staples

Office supplies are hard to make green at times. Air fresheners are sometimes a must and napkins and bathroom supplies are hard to make reusable.

Having desk and office plants are a great natural source of air freshening. They are simple, require little care, and can add a pleasant feeling to an office space. For ‘only one use’ supplies, there are many options. All you have to do is google reusable office supplies and hundreds of businesses appear. As long as you are not breaking your budget and do your research, this is a great option.

Some ideas used in the home can even be used in the office. Check out our blog about Green Cleaning at Home to see what can be crossed over into the work space.

by Brenna Timm

Over the years, we have become increasingly concerned with reducing our waste. However, sometimes we find is easier to just buy plastic bottle of general cleaner from the store or use as many paper towels as we need. But what if there were some tips and tricks to Green Cleaning? There are actually many simple solutions to going a little bit greener with your cleaning both at home or in the office.

Reusable materials

One of the most common products and hacks found for eco-friendly cleaning is finding resuable solutions. There is so much waste that generates from plastic spray bottles, individual soap dispensers, and paper towels. There are a few alternatives that can make it easier for you and the environment.

  • Trade in for Glass – Instead of a plastic spray bottle, purchasing a glass spray bottle can save both money and the Earth. By using a plastic spray bottle, you can buy your cleaner in bulk and refill as necessary. Buying in bulk is not only cheaper but also means less plastic.
  • Reuse the Container – individual soap dispensers are nice and can get changed out with the season. Whether you use the original plastic container or a nicer style, refilling the same soap container once it is empty creates savings. Once again, you are buying in bulk and reducing your waste.
  • Rags to Riches – Paper towels can be so convenient. However, we all know that a serious cleaning can quickly shrink your roll. Instead of paper towels, consider using rags. You can either purchase a set of clothes used for cleaning or find old clothes and cut them up to size. This allows you to recycle items that you no longer use while lowering your paper towel consumption.
Green Cleaning- Reuse

Out & About

When you are out shopping or at the office, most kitchens and bathrooms provide either paper towels or electric dryers. Even with the no-waste option of air power, there are still many people who prefer the paper option. There is still a way to reduce the amount of paper towels you use to dry your hands. Once you are finished washing, take a moment to shake of your hands. This gets a lot of water off, meaning you can use less paper. Ultimately, the goal should be to use only one sheet of paper towel after washing our hands. Are you shaking long enough?

Non-Chemical Cleaners

There are many different varieties of non-chemical cleaners, but the ones you find at the store. If you want to go easier on your wallet, consider concocting your own general cleaners. There are various different recipes for general cleaners, hard-water solutions, air fresheners, and stain removers. A quick search in Google can pull up hundreds of different peoples takes on the perfect recipe for Green Cleaning. If your interested in making your own cleaners, Google “Green Cleaning” or check here.

by Brenna Timm

What to Donate?

Even the most organized people find themselves hoarding old relics. We no longer need our children’s baby clothes. We no longer need the DVD player since now there is Blu-ray. None the less, we keep them. We don’t need them or use them, but they are taking up space and collecting dust. The best thing to do, especially for unused items, is to dispose of them. However, we cringe at the idea of perfectly functioning items getting crushed in a dump. But there is a solution which can help you clean out your house without destroying the things. Donation centers are everywhere and can assist you with many different types of items.

Clothes and Toys

The first step with old clothes and toys is to reach out to those around you. You could have family with children that would fit your children’s out-grown clothes. There could be friends at the office or church who are expecting that could benefit from old toys. Being able to donate to those you know can bring some amazing things. Beyond your personal connections other options exist. There are also a number of donation centers for people in need that your clothes could be beneficial. We covered some of these donation centers around the Fort Collins/Front Range area previously.

Donation Centers


Plastics are something that we don’t put much thought into beside throwing it into the recycle bin. However, plastic bags and film can be reused and recycled in different ways. Most grocery stores and supermarkets have bins you can recycle bags from any store. Also, instead of adding to your collection, you can reuse the plastic bags you have while shopping.

Another side to plastic comes with the thicker types found in toys and water bottles. If they are broken, it may be better to dispose of them with the rest of the trash. However, if they are in good condition, donating them to places like ARC and Goodwill is a good way to reduce waste, clean your house, and help others.

Electronic Items and Waste

It is easy to just throw an old, blocky TV into the garage or the dump and forget about it. However, there are proper ways to deal with unused electronic items and waste.

If an item like a TV or printer is still in working condition, there are donation centers that will take these items. There are sometimes restrictions, but most places are happy to take them off your hands. There is no need to throw away a working device when someone else could make use of it or its parts once you donate it.

If an electronic device is broken, recycling it is a better option. This will allow the device to be disposed of properly and safely while allowing the parts to potentially be used. For more information on local places that recycle electronic, check our Electronic Waste blog.