by Brenna Timm

We are always looking for creative solutions to deal with our trash. It’s even better when we can get something out of the deal too. We are going to explore five different countries from all walks of life to see what their solutions are. Today we look at Indonesia, where Dr. Gamala Albinsaid started a clinic that trades garbage for medical needs.

The Situation

Indonesia, like all other countries, produces a lot of waste. According to the article from Goodnet, Malang City, the second largest city in Indonesia’s East province, produces more than 55,000 tons of waste daily. But waste isn’t the only issue. Many people of Indonesia don’t have proper access to health care, medical supplies, and services. It is either too expense or just not feasible. The overflow of waste coupled with poor health care only makes the situation worse. Dr. Gamala Albinsaid noticed the connection between the trash and the people’s health. This triggered his idea for taking trash for payment of health services.

Garbage Clinical Insurance

To many of us, garbage for health care sounds crazy. But for Indonesia and Dr. Albinsaid, it works. In Malang City, only between 50-60% of trash is collected. The looked over trash still has use, but it is worthless of left alone. The Garbage Clinical Insurance takes people’s trash and provides medical needs in trade. The garbage brought to them is separated between organic and nonorganic waste. The organic waste is converted into fertilizer and compost while the nonorganic is sorted into recyclable products. This process cycles through the waste and health care industry, allowing for the general living situations to become better. According to the article, this company has helped 3,500 uninsured people get health care. It’s amazing how a little bit of trash can be transformed into treasure.

For more information, check out the video on the company or check out their website.