by Brenna Timm


Remodels are long and stressful. They can also cost a lot of money. However, there is a way to be smart and save when it comes to your next home project. Not only will it be kind on your wallet, but it can also help the environment by reducing landfill waste. Today we are highlighting Bankrate’s guide on remodeling with reclaimed materials at a lower cost.

Reclaimed materials

Got to be Flexible

There are many places around Fort Collins and the Front Range that have old building materials handy. Antique stores and flea markets are some of the options, but if you are looking for truly hidden gems for great prices, somewhere like The Habitat is going to be a better bang for your buck. That being said, you will need to be prepared to do some work. The items in thrift stores and ReStores are not always pristine or ready-to-use condition. That means the pieces that you find might need a little but of TLC. Also, most items come in limited supply or won’t match. Saving money with reclaimed items means that choices are more limited or that there might not be enough to fill the space you had planned. So, it is important to adapt and go with the flow.

Reclaimed Material Considerations

There are some things to keep in mind when considering reclaimed items for a project. First of all, there will still be cost. The item itself still has to be sold and if it needs to be spruced up a bit, that can tack on a few more dollars. As long as you are aware of what the necessary work and cost will be, reclaimed materials can be a great opportunity. Also, part of the reason to go out and find these reclaimed and salvaged items is to reduce waste in the landfills. Take a moment to consider your own project waste and how that will make an impact.

To learn more about, check out Bankrate’s guide here.