by Brenna Timm


Sometimes we are remodeling our house, touching up some dings, or giving a room a refreshing new color. However, we often don’t use all of the paint that we purchase. For major project, we could be left with buckets and cans, full of paint yet forgotten in the garage or storage. It is always good to have a little bit of paint set aside in case something happens. However, we really don’t need that much paint (or wood stain). So, what do we do with what is leftover? Where can it go and how can we recycle it?

Paint recycling


If there is enough leftover paint, it is possible to use that paint as a base for a new color. Businesses like Home Depot and Sherwin Williams have departments dedicated to all things paint and recycling. Taking an old can to such places can help create a new color without wasting the old. These places can also help you if you barely have any paint left and need more. For this, take the paint, or a sample of the paint, to the store and the color can be matched and mixed.


In the end though, we may have too much paint to reasonably reuse. So, instead it can be recycled. There are various places around the Front Range that are more than happy to take old pain off your hands. Some places, like Habitat for Humanity, will take your cans and resell them for those who need it. The Recycling Center and Waste Management accepts clean and properly sealed paint and stains. These materials are then given out or sold at nominal cost for those interested. Some facilities have restrictions and regulations, like no aerosol cans or a limit per day. Others ask for payment to handle the discarded paint. Before disposing of your unwanted paint, do a little bit of research to see what is the best fit for you.