by Brenna Timm                       (Originally published June 7, 2019)

We are always looking for creative solutions to deal with our trash. It’s even better when we can get something out of the deal too. We are going to explore five different countries from all walks of life to see what their solutions are. Today we look at Hong Kong where a former landfill has been altered into the amazing Sai Tso Wan Eco-park.



In recent years, we have realized that our landfills will soon become full and other ideas are needed. Landfills are our solution for the waste of many cities. But these areas continue to pile up and the trash won’t decompose quickly. The Sai Tso Wan Landfill in Hong Kong was used until 1981 before it was covered in soil. The landfill could hold up to 1.6 million tons of waste. It reached a height of 213 feet, or 65 meters. That is over two football fields tall. Still, the area served its purpose and was closed off.

Sai Tso Wan Eco Park

Source from EDP

Sai Tso Wan Eco-park

In 2004, the area was given a different purpose. Instead of just storing waste, the land has been transformed into a park. More specifically, Sai Tso Wan Eco-park. The multi-purpose playground is a great place for children to play and practice sports while learning about the process of landfills. The park includes wind turbines and solar cells for power. However, they also use the methane generated from underground decomposing trash as a third source of energy.

Just like in Hong Kong, there are many other countries and cities who are creating eco parks. Some are playgrounds while other are restored nature areas. To learn about different reused landfill space, check out this article.

We have looked at five different cities and countries who have gotten creative with their trash. What are some ways that we can make our own mark? How can we see this across the Front Range?