by Brenna Timm

In 2018, China passed an act that significantly restricted their intake of other countries waste and recycling products. Many of us didn’t even know that it happened. Even more of us have no idea how it affects us personally. Today we will be looking at what all the changes mean from the Fort Collins area and what is being asked of you to adapt.

What has changed for Fort Collins Recycling?

With everything changing, the cost of recycling has gone up. It is all well and good to try and save the environment one bottle at a time, but it is an expensive process. Shipping our recyclables out to China lowered the cost. But that is no longer an option. In the Coloradoan, an article was written on October 9, 2019 discussing what recycling means now for Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. In reality, the expense and ability to properly process recyclable items is restricting what can be recycled. Susie Gordon, the environmental programmer of Fort Collins, has shared with people some sad changes.

Fort Collins Recycling

Low-grade or ‘weak’ plastics are no longer considered recyclable. This includes berry containers, salad boxes, party cups (i.e. SOLO cups), take-out boxes, and frozen dinner trays. Instead of recycling, these items should be thrown out. The cost of processing is too much and is better spent on other products. It is recommended that instead of being concerned about the recycling number, you should focus on the shapes of recycling. Plastic bottles, jugs, and tubs are still considered recyclable.

If you are concerned about anything, check out the recycling list published by the Fort Collins Waste Reduction and Recycling Team. But Fort Collins Recycling has changed.

What’s the cost of all this?

So how does this change things for you? In Fort Collins, trash and recycling curbside services are private businesses. Each service will have their own deals and costs. The three services are Gallegos Sanitation Incorporated, Ram Waste Systems, and Waste Management. To learn more about each service and their costs, check out their sites.