by Brenna Timm

Duncan and Patty

At Dumpster Rental, you have more than just Laurel to help take care of your needs. Faithful companions Duncan and Patty can be found while out on errands or relaxing at home. So, let’s meet the canine employees of Dumpster Rental.

Darling Duncan

Duncan is an eight-year-old chocolate Labrador mix. Years ago, he was rescued from a shelter and brought to the prison in Canon City where he was added to the inmate dog training program. Initially he was in the service dog program. But as it turns out, Duncan likes to sleep a little too much. He was dropped from the program and he continues his days sleeping away.


Now Duncan is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet. He is incredibly friendly and calm. He also never barks, so if he does, we are all startled. Duncan enjoys his time lounging around, though he will pla with his little sister when he feels like it. He is the absolute best listener and will do whatever he is told to do. A very good boy indeed.

Playful Patty

Patty is Duncan’s little sister who will be three in June. She is a mini-Goldendoodle and just a ball of energy. She is the perfect fit to sit on your lap, though sometimes she’s much too excited to sit still. This curly girl’s favorite things to do are to play fetch and bother Duncan as he tries to sleep. She is quite the barker too, barking at every car, dog, or person that catches her eye.

Patty on the Job

Patty also can be found co-piloting with Laurel on her dumpster runs. She always loves the adventures and meeting many new people. She is very friendly and would love to make a new friend if you happen to see her.

Work Adventures

Duncan and Patty: Siblings and Friends

Duncan and Patty are like all siblings since they are so different. However, they love each other a lot. They enjoy their walks together and (when Duncan feels like it) playing and chasing a ball around. But the sweetest moments are when the two curl up together and sleep peacefully.

Duncan and Patty