by Brenna Timm

Being eco-friendly seems so daunting. We live our lives in a certain way, and change is hard. We hear about people who do drastic things, like composting everything, going vegan, or installing solar panels. Some of us don’t have the time, resources, or ability to make changes like these. But what if you could do something small? There is a surprising amount of small life style changes that can help you be a little more eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly List

  • Reusables
    • Use reusable water bottles to reduce plastic waste (Reusable coffee mugs/cups are good too)
    • Using cloth hand towels in your bathrooms and for cleaning to reduce waste
    • Reusable shopping bags can work well for any shopping trip or even outings to carry your belongings
    • If you forget your bags you can request paper bags instead, they can go in the recycling when you get home.


  • Reducing
    • Turn off the water when washing dishes or brushing your teeth
    • Reduce your weekly meat intake
    • Make your showers shorter to reduce the amount of water you use
    • Only buy what you know you will eat to reduce food waste
    • Try to buy produce locally for freshness and to avoid plastic wrap
    • Trade-in our hand soap bottles for a bar to reduce plastic and it may last longer


  • Recycling
    • Be sure to check what you are recycling. Not all plastics are recyclable, click here for local recycling information
    • Donate clothes and other items to charities and thrift stores.
  • Electronic/other options
    • Go paperless for your bank statements, bills, and tickets
    • Trading out your light bulbs for LED or another efficient style
    • Turn off appliances, switch off standby, or unplug to reduce energy consumption
    • If you’re in the market for some new appliances, consider scouting out the eco-friendly and efficient models for your purchase
    • Borrowing books from the library can reduce waste
    • Consider walking, biking or carpooling when you are traveling for more efficient transport
    • Composting doesn’t have to be large. Sometimes a small tub for a few food scraps is all you need

The Results

What do you think? Can you make one change in your life from the list? Do you already do one or more of these little lifestyles? That’s great. You can also check out this Buzzfeed survey and do some more research. Always see if there is something you can do, no matter how small.