by Brenna Timm                                  (originally published May 10, 2019)

We are always looking for creative solutions to deal with our trash. It’s even better when we can get something out of the deal too. We are going to explore five different countries from all walks of life to see what their solutions are. Today we look at Uganda, where artist and environmentalist Ruganza Bruno is revamping the slums of Kampala with a new type of recycling.


Eco Art Uganda

In 2010, Robinah Nansubuga proposed a new idea to Uganda and the world for environmental awareness through art. The goal is to go “beyond activism to create positive social chance within communities by turning waste into useful things.” Activities like creating playgrounds in slums for children and beautifying the city spaces of Kampala are all part of Eco Art Uganda’s work. The group has been reported on by many different sources, including CNN. Ruganza Bruno Tusingwire is an ecoartist of Uganda and official founder of the project. Orphaned at a young age, Ruganzu wishes to create healthy environments to brighten childhoods. Together with other artists, Ruganza creates safe spaces while bringing environmental awareness.

Eco Art Uganda

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Eco Art Amusement Park

Some of the most important recycling projects for Eco Art Uganda have been the amusements parks. Made near slums, orphanages, and other city areas, Ruganza is acting to teach and enrich children’s lives. These parks feature discarded materials like recycled swings, tires, and life-sized board games made with plastic bottles. This organization is more than just making trash look pretty. They are making trash into treasure. Some of it is treasure that fills art galleries. Other, though, are treasures for the children as they grow and learn.


What do you think about a park made out of trash? To learn more about the project and what they have been up to, check out their Facebook page.