by Brenna Timm


Dumpster Rental is a local, family-run business based on Fort Collins, Colorado. After four generations, this former side business has grown. The family that started it all continues to keep it running. As a company, Dumpster Rental takes a lot of pride in the collected history and future of their service. Let’s take a closer look once again at what Dumpster Rental is all about.

Who’s behind the curtain?

Laurel and Doug Grimm have 35 years of experience in the business. They started Dumpster Rental in 2000, and are committed to providing the best roll-off dumpster service possible with integrity and pride. Laurel and Doug originally had their business in Colorado Spring. However, after their children had grown up they decided to move home base to Fort Collins. With them are their dogs, Duncan Patty and Jake. Duncan is a chocolate lab mix rescue and Patty and Jake are mini-Labradoodles. The three are close friends. However, Patty and Jake are much more energetic than her older brother. If you request it or are lucky, you may see one of them co-piloting in the dumpster trucks.

Duncan is hiding on the left and Patty and Jake are on the right. 

What’s Dumpster Rental all about?

Dumpster Rental is happy to accommodate your dumpster needs. Three sizes of dumpsters are offered. They will arrive at your site with an hour delivery window. Also, they will unload the dumpster wherever you need it. Business hours run from 8 to 5 weekdays and 9 to 2 on Saturdays. Roll-off dumpsters are the perfect solution for home renovation, commercial business construction, or new builds. The company services Fort Collins and surrounding areas. That comes to twelve cities and towns in total. Our blog covers some more interesting bits in detail. Check it out for advice, dumpster info, and waste removal information. If you have any questions or want options, contact Dumpster Rental at (970) 631-8585 or