by Brenna Timm


In 2018, China passed a new policy that restricted and reduced what was imported into the country. This includes pretty much all of the plastic that America and other countries were exporting to China. Now America must process and manage our own recyclables. Over the past few blogs, we have looked at this new policy, how it is affecting the Front Range area, and how it is affecting the nation. Today we will be looking at the creative solutions that different countries around the world came up with. Processing recyclables is expensive, but it is not the only solution for managing this type of waste.

Tour of Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions: World


Uganda has been doing some amazing things with their trash and recyclables. They have been making amusement parks or playgrounds with old materials like tires and bottles. These areas are made not only as a green space, but as a safe space for the children to play.


In India, science and plastic has come together. New roads are being constructed and paved by using recycled plastics. The numbers show that these roads are much more durable and long lasting than traditional pavement or cement.


Sweden is one of the biggest importers of waste from around the world, using whatever trash they have and receive to generate energy. While this is not one of the greenest solutions, this process does not do as much damage as we may first think. Besides, Sweden is making plenty of energy for their cities.

At Home

There are other opportunities around to recycle or being sustainable without sending things off to be processed. There are many alternate uses for various products, such as crafts or creative storage solutions. Also, some of your recyclable plastics may have more luck in one of the local thrift stores where someone else can use those water bottles or plastic toys again. This all depends on the type of plastics we are trying to recycle. However, there are many other options that will help out our planet.