by Brenna Timm



introducing windsor

In 1873, a farmer decided to build their house halfway between Fort Collins and Greeley. In the next few decades, people and families began to settle there for the agriculture wealth of the area. This was the quiet little town of Windsor. Various industries began to call the town home. But it wasn’t until Kodak, the technology and camera company, moved in the town truly began to blossom. This was around fifty years ago. Everything has changed since then. In 2015, the town celebrated it’s 125th anniversary. The population of the town is nearly 25,000 and that number is expected to continue growing.

getting bigger

The town is growing. Planning has been made to make this as easy as possible. It is placed in an inviting area that calls for new families and business. The schools in the area are considered some of the best. New things are constantly being added to the Old Town area and new residencies are being added. Windsor is spreading out in all directions. In time, more and more families, business, and people looking for a new life will join the community. There are plans for various new improvements and additions to the town, such as the Community Recreation Center. Could Windsor be your next stop?

renovation readiness

Due to the growth of the town, there are many new areas in Windsor. However, the older parts of town may be due for an update. Dumpster Rental is a local roll-off dumpster rental service based in Fort Collins. You could be in many situations. You could have just moved to town and want to update your fixer-upper. Maybe you are starting a new business and want to make the building your own. Or your dear home that you have grown your family in is in need of freshening up. Whatever your situation is, Dumpster Rental is excited to assist with your waste disposal needs. Contact Dumpster Rental if you have any questions are want to get started on your project.

by Brenna Timm


Thanksgiving has come and gone for the year and now we are left with an abundance of food. Not only that, but Christmas is only a month away, so there is another party to plan. With this season of festivities, we are left with more food than we can handle. So what can we do to either make less waste or properly use our leftovers? Below we will talk about some tips and tricks before in order to reduce food waste.


There are two steps to take before you even begin your meals that reduce food waste. While this isn’t much help with your Thanksgiving leftovers, it should help with the upcoming Christmas and future parties.

  • Plan your meal. Planning out your courses, how much you need to buy, and how much you need to make will help. By planning this all out, you won’t be making extra additions spur of the moment. Knowing how many people are showing up will help with planning as well.
  • Don’t make too much. As part of planning, you may be tempted to make a double batch of cookies or triple the potatoes you need. Don’t fall into the temptation. By controlling the quantity of what you make, there will be fewer leftovers and wasted food.


If you have a garden or know of someone who does, now may be the time to start composting. There are options for both indoors and outdoors composting, so investigate if something sounds interesting to your situation.

Reduce Food Waste Composting

Share it

Another way to deal with anything left over from the big dinner party is share the love. Have your family and guests take home their favorite selections from the evening in doggie bags and Tupperware. Who doesn’t love a second day of the rare favorites? This is a great way to share the leftovers with others and leave you with less to figure out what to do. On the other hand, if you stock up on Tupperware and need to get rid of it, offer it up to your guests at this time to help get rid of more of your stuff.

Get Creative

In the end, some food will be left for you to deal with. So what now? It’s time to work your brain and get inspired. Don’t eat the same cold turkey for a week after Thanksgiving. Instead, make potpie with the remains. Or for other days when you have a giant meatloaf left, make it into a sandwich. There are many ideas available online that can help you get creative and reduce your food waste.


Dumpster Rental wishes you all a happy holiday season.

by Brenna Timm



Meeting the People

Dumpster Rental is a local small business serving the Front Range area. But who is behind the wheel, scheduling deliveries, and hauling our waste? Dumpster Rental is run by husband and wife team Doug and Laurel, and their two sidekicks, Duncan and Patty. In order to get to know them better, we have a spotlight interview with Laurel, who manages the company.

Fort Collins Dumpster Rental

The History

           How did you become interested in the Dumpster business?

My family had been working in the garbage business for 4 generations. I grew up around garbage trucks and my first job was at a landfill. So, trash was always in our life.

          What led you to follow the family business?

You do what you know. Also, it is a great service to offer the community and we are happy to do it.

            How did Dumpster Rental Start?

Dumpster Rental started as a side gig in 1987. Doug had been working for a trash company that did not offer roll-off service. He was able to find a couple of old containers he would haul on a trailer. Later he would be getting old mobile home axles and weld them to an 8-yard dumpster. When we moved to Fort Collins we sold all those dumpsters and started over with new, modern equipment.

original dumpster

Laurel’s Life

          Why did you move your life and your company to Fort Collins?

Colorado Springs was getting really big and very crowded. We decided now that our kids were grown and on their own cell phone plans, it was a good time to make the change for ourselves. My sister lived in Fort Collins nearly 20 years earlier and we loved coming up here to visit her.

          Who are Duncan and Patty? 

Duncan is our 8-year-old chocolate lab mix. He is a rescue from Colorado Cell Dogs, a great program in Colorado prisons that trains dogs for adoptions and gives the inmates training for their future. Originally, he was in the training program for service dogs but he flunked out of that program because he is very lazy. Patty is a mini golden doodle from Iowa. She was brought into our lives to bring new life into our old man Duncan. He really needed a friend and someone to motivate him to play fetch. They love to ride with us when we work and when they see us pull out their seatbelts they are very excited.

Patty Spotlight

          What do you enjoy doing outside of your work?

We like to travel and visit our kids, Morgan and Colby. Morgan lives in Durham, N.C. and Colby is in Phoenix. We like to hang out with friends, enjoy the many different beers in Fort Collins and the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

Business Spotlight

          Do you have any interesting dumpster stories to share?

When hauling trash sometimes people accidentally throw something out. We have had people call us telling us they accidently threw anything from an iWatch to money away. Usually you can’t do much about that as trash is quickly pushed into the landfill and buried. But sometimes you are able to help. Once someone threw away some money wrapped in old clothes and we were contacted soon enough. We were able to help them find it. That was a good day.

          Who are your favorite clients/jobs?

Since we hand-tarp all our dumpsters, our favorite client is one that fills their dumpster level.

          What would you like to say to the community?

Dumpster Rental focuses on three core values.

Service: Dumpster Rental has always set the bar high for a superior level of service to our customers. We know their time is valuable and offer a 1-hour delivery window. We are reliable, on time and dedicated to offering the best experience.

Stewardship: We practice safe and responsible solid waste disposal and offer recycling and yard waste disposal knowing it starts with us to be good stewards of the resources we have.

Community: We live, work and play in the northern Colorado area, so we are truly invested in the community we serve.

           Any other thoughts you would like to add?

We recently were introduced to a man from Loveland that helps people transition from homelessness to a home. We have been able to connect him to people which have otherwise thrown a perfectly usable couch or other furniture in a dumpster. Diverting a lot of usable furniture from the landfill and using it in a home for someone that is starting a new life is a great opportunity.

by Brenna Timm


Twenty years ago, you may not have known about the existence of this sleepy little town. If you drive across I-25 you can find this budding community just east of Fort Collins. Timnath could barely be called a town when it was founded in 1882 as a small farming community. In the 2010 Census, only 625 residents were counted. However, the recent boom in the Front Range has encouraged the city to grow. And grow it did, exploding to over 3000 residents in 2017. Plans are to continue growing to 20,000 residents over 27 square miles the next 20 years. The town is making progress because it is already one of our state’s fastest growing communities.

Growth and Community

Timnath has made many changes to accommodate their growth and help inspire it. Large stores like Walmart and Costco found a home in the town. Small businesses help balance out the community and line the streets.  Two new small businesses were recently celebrated for opening, Springhaus Designs and Timnath Feed & Grain. Even more plans and ground breaking continue to encourage prosperity. Housing flourishes because of the expanding community however it still has a very spacious and beautiful country feel. Another feature is the golf course and club in the developing Harmony Community.

Timnath Reservoir

A hidden secret of Timnath would be Timnath Reservoir. Town residents and their guests exclusively enjoy the Reservoir. Who wouldn’t like having free water access? This small town’s community has special access to the waterfront to play as they choose. If you want to take your boat out onto the water an additional permit is required. Considering the exclusive access, Timnath Reservoir may be nicer than the crowds at Horsetooth.

Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Rental serves Timnath as part of the Front Range Community. With the rapid change that is happening, construction is a constant. There are many reasons you may need a dumpster. You could be building your new business, landscaping, or making your house perfect. If so, think about contacting Dumpster Rental. We are a local small business dedicated to serving the community and making lasting connections.

October 12, 2018

Winter Prep Checklist

by Brenna Timm


Winter is Coming

The leaves are changing from green to yellow and winds have grown cold. All this comes down to one fact: Winter is coming. The season of snow and ice is approaching and whether you love or hate this time of year, you need to be prepared. Here are some things that should get on your check list for your house, yard, and car.

Winter Preparation

Home Prep

The negative degree weather coming. Making sure your house is ready will determine whether you are warm and cozy or fighting for the last blanket.

  • Furnace and Filter– Go and check your furnace to make sure everything is functioning properly. This is the time to change the filter before heating is in constant use.
  • Humidifier– If you use a humidifier, now is the time for a good cleaning before turning it on for the next 3-4 moths. The winter air is cold and dry, and turning on your heater only warms you up. Humidifiers will out the lost moisture back into the home.

Yard Work

The yard has a few more steps to take before its winter-ready. If possible, do these before the weather gets too cold. Who knows when the next nice day will come?

  • Sprinklers– Avoid burst pipes and freezing by blowing out your sprinkler systems. This is something you will need to contact your local professionals for.
  • Hoses– garden hoses may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it is important. Now that the cold weather is hear, remove hoses from the hose bibs. The hose can stay outside or in your storage area.
  • Gutters– Cleaning gutters are never fun, but it needs to be done. Gutters filled with debris will thwart any sunny day with melting snow. It is also a good time to check on maintenance, and see if you need new ones for the spring.
  • Lawn mowers– There sill be no need to cut grass for a while. Winterize your lawn mower by draining out the gas. This ensures it doesn’t freeze and won’t get contaminated.
  • Snow Blowers– With the lawn mower out of the way, it is time for the snow blower. You never know when the first big storm will be, so be prepared.

Car Check

If you want to get around in harsh whether conditions, take a look at your car to make sure you are ready for anything.

  • Ice scrapper- Check if your car has one and its condition. No need to be late for work if you own the proper tools.
  • Emergency Supplies– Try to have a flashlight, blanket, some snacks, and other basics that could come in handy.
  • Check-up– Give the car a pre-winter check up so that there are no fixable surprises. Also check the antifreeze levels.
  • Tires– Before we get icy, check the tires, specifically the pressure and the tread. Bare tires work alright in the summer, but are terrible for the winter. Pressure lowers with the temperature, so make sure the tires are full.


Dumpster Rental does operate during the winter. However, consider whether you need to get the yard clean-up done or empty the garage before trying to fit another car in.