by Brenna Timm

The world is striving to be greener and more efficient in the home and the workplace. However, what about when we travel? Cars and airplanes contribute to your carbon footprint despite how good you are about composting at home. Let us look into some travel tips for staying green, courtesy of Million Mile Secrets.

Planning for Efficiency

The first step to lowering your emissions is to know what you’re looking for. You have to know what the impact is before you make changes to any of your vacation plans or business trips. For this, you can use an Emissions Calculator to get a rough idea of what flight travel does. The next bit is knowing the form of transportation you are using. Newer airplane models are more efficient than ever. However, some planes are better than others, so doing your research can help a lot. When you are in a city for work, there are a few options for how to get around, such as

  • Rent an eco-friendly car- This can be anything from fuel efficient hybrids or electric cars to regular low emission vehicles. Make a conscious choice.
  • Public transportation- Using the bus, trains, or subways available will have a positive impact on your carbon footprint.
  • Book an LEED hotel- These hotels are certified ‘green hotels’ that are trying to be efficient with their utilities and services.
  • Get a hotel close to where you need to go- If possible, staying nearby where you are working will be most efficient. It’s even better if you can walk to your destination.

Flying Green

Flying Green

Depending on your needs and plans, it may not be possible to get a flight on the most efficient plane. That doesn’t mean you can stop caring about your impact, though. Packing your suitcase light and minimal can actually help. Planes have to use more fuel for all the additional weight of the passengers and their luggage.

Donation and support programs are another way to offset your carbon footprint. Different airlines, organizations, and traveling businesses now offer ways to give back. Some can donate your miles and points while others offer a Carbon Offset program. Take your time to look into the options of what works best for you or your company.

What can you do so you are flying green? For more tips and information, check out the original article.